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Now Accepting New Partners!

If you would like to sell our products in your store or be a regional representative of CircuitTree in your area, we are happy to hear from you — please contact us.

Hardware & Software Licensing

If you have a product you would like to see made "smart", we are an ideal match as a partner! Our technology can be integrated to add secure IoT (smart) connectivity and capability. We make it easy to be "powered by CircuitTree".

For example, if you manufacture grow lights or growing structures (greenhouses, tents, domes, etc.), you can make your products smart with our technology, without having to develop your own technology from scratch. Take your products into the future, with security and reliability at the forefront of our development.

We've already done the hard work of developing a solid and secure IoT architecture, including our own microcontroller board which is at the heart of the system, and our own software which easily manages a variety of IoT devices. Our technology, or a custom variation of it modified for your project, can be integrated with your product to make it "smart" (IoT-connected).

If you haven't been familiar with industry trends and issues, it should be noted that IoT security is now a really big issue. Many manufacturers did not include plans for security, or even any way to easily update their devices with security patches over time. We've already considered all of this from the beginning of our development. Our technology makes wireless updates much easier and can be performed by the average end-user without deep technical knowledge.

Find out how easy it is to make your product "Powered by CircuitTree"! We are also open to custom "white label" licensing arrangements under your brand.

Please contact us to open a discussion about licensing options.