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Greenhouse Motor Controller

MSRP $1699



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Automates Greenhouse Light Deprivation and Sidewall Motors

Programmable control of 2 blackout shade motors and 2 sidewall air vent motors.

  • Internal Timer for Light Deprivation

    Digital timer provides automation for greenhouse light deprivation shade motors.

  • Thermostat for Sidewall Vents

    Programmable thermostat provides automation for sidewall air ventilation motors (optional).

  • Manual Button Controls

    Three external multi-use buttons provide manual control of motors and basic programming. Override the automation to move shades any time. Buttons are protected by a weather-resistant cover.

  • "Smart-Ready"

    Use as a stand-alone unit automated by the internal timer & thermostat, OR can also be a smart node controlled wirelessly by the CircuitTree Master Controller, accessible through any smartphone, tablet, or computer. With the full system you can create smart greenhouses with secure wireless remote control over watering, power, fans, lights, environmental monitoring, and more.

  • Internal Memory for Settings

    Remembers settings and resumes control even after a power outage. Permanent storage of thermostat settings and Motor Controller settings, up to 3 year storage of timer settings without power.

  • Assembled In USA

    Engineered & Supported in USA, too.  
    Includes a 1-Year Warranty.

  • Weather Resistant Industrial Enclosure

    Also lightweight and easy to mount. 10-foot cable for the temperature probe allows convenient placement.

  • Safety Features

    Sidewalls are prevented from opening while light dep shades are closed. Sidewalls and light dep do not run simultaneously, to reduce total energy load. Resettable master circuit breaker. Replaceable fuses for the motor relays. Adjustable "stop timer" provides power to motors for a specified period of time only.

  • High-Quality Industrial Components

    Easy to connect your greenhouse motors, no special tools needed.

  • 24V Low Voltage Device

    Run it from off-grid/alternative energy sources like solar, wind, battery, etc.

We sell motors separately if you require (replacement) motors for your light deprivation shades. Motors are not included with this item.


Greenhouse Motor Controller / Light Deprivation (Auto Blackout):
Motor Controller Quick Start Guide (rev.3)
Motor Controller Full User Guide (2019.05.13)

Tutorial videos coming soon!

Technical Specifications


  • Output: 20 Amp DC output powers 2 motors at a time with 10 Amps per motor
  • Input: 90 to 264VAC, 4.8A at 115VAC, 2.4A at 230VAC
  • Over Temperature Protection: shuts down output voltage and recovers automatically after temperature goes down
  • Working Temperature: -20 to +70°C (-4 to 158°F)
  • Working Humidity: 20 to 95% Relative Humidity (non-condensing)
  • Fuse Type: ATM 10A Blade Fuse (1 fuse per motor)
  • 20A Circuit Breaker protection
  • Temperature Control Range: -50 to 100°C (-58 to 212°F)
  • Temperature Control Precision: 0.1°C
  • Refresh Rate: 0.5 seconds
  • Configuration settings retained through power cycles
  • Time Accuracy: +/- 1 second/day at 20°C
  • Ambient Temperature: -20 to 50°C (-4 to 122°F)
  • Minimum Programmable Time: 1 Minute
  • Maximum Programmable Time: 168 Hours
  • Battery Backup for time and settings: 3 years, rechargeable
MicroController RF Wireless:
  • 433MHz, 868MHz, or 915MHz depending on geographical region
  • Configuration settings retained through power cycles
  • On-board watchdog timer and fail-safe protections
Weight: 8.5 lbs.

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