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Light Dimmer Node

MSRP $289



$ 289 On Sale! → $ 249

Provides intelligence and wireless programmable control to LED grow lights that use popular LED drivers with 0-10V dimming capability. Connects wirelessly to the CircuitTree Master Controller.

Sensors provide environmental awareness for air temperature and humidity and an on-board thermocouple may be used for additional autonomous safety features.

Whether you are a small hobby grower or a large commercial operation, consider the CircuitTree Light Dimmer Node as a robust shortcut for making your lights dimmable and smart!

  • 4 Independent Dimmer Channels

    0-10V light dimming control. Perfect for popular LED drivers.

  • 4 Independent Relay Channels

    Control up to 4 external relays for turning LED drivers on/off, or other things.

  • Fan Control

    4-Pin PWM 12VDC fans; on/off and speed control. One channel, two on-board ports, connect 6 or more fans with additional splitters.

  • Air Temperature

    Useful metrics, can be used to regulate fan speed for efficiency.

  • Humidity

    Measure 0-100% relative humidity with 0.1% sensitivity

  • Light or Fixture Temperature

    K-type thermocouple provides awareness for autonomous safety features, can be used to regulate light dimmers, for example.


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