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CircuitTree Master Controller

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$ 1,499 On Sale! → $ 1,199

Smart Garden Controller - Agricultural Automation

The Master Controller is the "brain" of our automation system, providing secure wireless control over many agricultural operations when used with various compatible nodes.

Add to your garden, greenhouse, or indoor grow space: Smart power outlets, smart irrigation controllers, light deprivation motor controllers, environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, air pressure, light level), fans, video monitoring, automatic light lifters, grow light dimmers, and more! (CO2, air quality, and soil moisture sensors coming soon.)

  • Use Any Device As A Remote Control

    Any smartphone, tablet, or computer can be a remote control for the smart system. Compatible with all standard devices with an up-to-date web browser.

  • WiFi Router Included

    Built-in router for easy connectivity. Also has an ethernet port available for wired access, with a water-resistant cable gland.

  • Reliable RF Mesh Network

    All devices communicate wirelessly on a secure RF mesh network. Internet is not required for basic operation.

  • Modern UI

    Our interface uses the latest in responsive design.

  • Expand Features With Internet Access

    Connect to the internet (optional) for secure remote access and monitoring of your system. Backup your data in the cloud.

  • Programmable Alert Messages

    Send alerts by text message, e-mail, and push notification when certain conditions exist. (Requires internet access.)

  • Log Your Data

    Our controller can log the environmental data from multiple sensor nodes, long-term. You can access a full history of environmental conditions from any sensor, to verify that your garden remained within the desired parameters of temperature, lighting, etc.

  • Software Updates

    Receive system updates over time, protecting you from new threats in the IoT world. All our nodes can receive over-the-air firmware updates and won't become outdated as our system evolves.

  • Assembled In USA

    Engineered & Supported in USA, too.  
    Includes a 1-Year Warranty.

  • Weather Resistant Industrial Enclosure

    Also easy to mount.

  • High-Quality Components

    No special tools needed for installation.

  • Low Power Device

    Operates on very low power, meaning you can easily run it in an off-grid/alternative energy situation from solar, wind, battery, etc.

CircuitTree's secure and robust controller software goes way beyond any other solutions available on the market. Offering ultimate flexibility and control, the software is continually being improved over time, and can be easily updated when new versions are available. Security patches can be applied as needed to address the evolving landscape of security threats on the internet.


Master Controller / Smart System:
CircuitTree User Guide (2019.04.21)
(The smart system user manual is still being expanded a lot more in 2019. Please check back here for updates.)

Tutorial videos coming soon!

CircuitTree RF Network Features

  • Two RF radio types currently supported by the Treeino (CircuitTree's core logic and RF module)
  • RFM69 range: 200M to 500M (some have tested as much as 1.5 miles)
  • RFM9x (LoRa) range: 2KM to 20KM (farm sized!)
  • Low power, long range
  • License-free ISM band and royalty-free protocol
  • Less crowded with better reception, range, and object penetration than 2.4GHz
  • Self-healing mesh network; nodes can communicate directly with each other and don't all need to talk to a central gateway, just their closest neighbor or repeater node
  • Wirelessly programmable over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates for nodes
  • Theoretical max of over 60000 nodes per local installation (actual limit would be exceeded first in other ways depending on the hardware)
  • The CircuitTree RF protocol is built as an enhanced, while backwards-compatible, extension of the OpenSource MySensors IoT protocol for robust, reliable, secure, and extendable RF communications with many relevant features
  • Easy to program Arduino-compatible nodes; to empower CircuitTree vendors and users/DIYers to quickly and effectively roll-their-own "things"

Computer (SBC) Technical Specs

  • OS: Linux, customized CircuitTree OS.
  • CPU: 64-bit 4× ARM Cortex-A53, 1.2GHz
  • RAM: 1GB LPDDR2 900 MHz
  • Storage: 32GB microSDHC Class 10 UHS-1 (64GB version also available)
  • Power: 5V, 600mA - 1.6A consumption

WiFi Router Technical Specs

  • OS: Linux, customized OpenWRT/LEDE, Open Source
  • Protocols: 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n, 10/100 Ethernet, DHCP, PPoE, WiFi Repeater
  • Interfaces: 1 WAN, 1 LAN, 1 USB2.0, 1 micro USB (power), 1 Reset button
    Model A variation (router):
  • Power: 5V/1A, <2W consumption

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