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8-Zone Irrigation Controller Node

MSRP $219



$ 219 On Sale! → $ 199

8-Zone Irrigation Controller Node

Provides smart control of 8 fluid valves, controlled wirelessly by the CircuitTree Master Controller.

Use for watering, nutrient systems (fertigator), and more.

  • Wireless Controlled

    Controlled by the Master Controller and accessible through any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

  • Conserve Water

    Save water with garden intelligence and smart control over watering operations.

  • Safety Features

    Valves will automatically close if there's a power outage — power is required to open the valves and hold them open.

  • Assembled In USA

    Engineered & Supported in USA, too.  
    Includes a 1-Year Warranty.

  • Weather Resistant Industrial Enclosure

    Pop-out lid enables moisture resistance even when power cables are plugged into outlets.

  • Low Power Device

    Operates on very low power, meaning you can easily run it in an off-grid/alternative energy situation from solar, wind, battery, etc.

  • Reliable RF Mesh Network

    All devices communicate wirelessly on a secure RF mesh network.

  • Receive system updates over time, protecting you from new threats in the IoT world. All our nodes can receive over-the-air firmware updates and won't become outdated as our system evolves.

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